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Save on your energy bills. Help the environment. Guaranteed.

Pothast Loxley Insulation, Inc. , owned by Jon and Jessica Pothast, is one of the leading insulation service providers in the Darke County and Versailles, Ohio area. Since 1998, this family-owned business has insulated homes and business throughout a 60-mile radius of Versailles, including in Troy, Dayton, Tipp City, Springfield, Bellefontaine St. Henry, Coldwater and Celina.

Pothast Loxely Insulation installs all types of insulation — including NU Seal Foam and Nu Wool Cellulose insulation.

Pothast Loxely Insulation also is a certified Nu-Wool Dealer. Nu-Wool Cellulose is made from 100% recycled paper, and is manufactured using at least 10 timesĀ  less energy than it takes to make fiberglass. This Green, mold and pest-resistant, fire-retardant, premium brand of insulation can save you up to 40 percent on your energy bills annually. Nu-Wool Cellulose insulation also provides superior sound protection in your home. When Nu-Wool Cellulose insulation is installed by a certified contractor like us, homebuyers are offered a three-year savings guarantee on your energy bills through the Guaranteed Energy Program.

Looking for foam insulation? Nu-Seal Foam is the recommended GREEN alternative to fiberglass battingĀ to insulate rim joists, knee walls, cathedral ceilings and other areas difficult to spray with cellulose insulation.

Today, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to keep your home comfortable though the hot summer days and frigid winter nights is by insulating it from the elements.

If you’re building a new home or want to better insulate your existing one, Pothast Loxely Insulation can insulate your attic, interior and exterior walls to keep the heat where it belongs.

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